Part 4

by Zera

part 4 of ZEra's story

Posted by JO on 9/27/2001, 7:55 pm

..hehehe i found this on her laptop and told her i would post it.


Rusty slowly walked back into Dr. Slate's bedroom at the hospital. Dr. Slate was sitting back, looking quite pale.

"Mommy?" Rusty whispered walking over to her.

"Hey, sweetie," Erika whispered as she took his hand.

"He wanted he see you," Dwayne told Erika as he joined them in the room.

Erika noticed how scared Rusty acted. "I am ok.. dear, really it's just the chemo."


"Just the chemo, ahhh!" Erika looked into the mirror as she pulled out another bunch of hair from her head.

"You're still beautiful," Dwayne whispered as he ran his hand along her face. "I still love you."


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