Part 4B

by Zera

What I didn't get to finish before Jo posted.

"How could you love me??" Erika turned around to face dwayne.

"You're more beautiful every day." Dwayne told her as he cupped her face. Erika's face had begun to swell as her chemo treatments got to be more and more. Though she did lose about 20 pounds, her body had begain to swell with the IV medications.

"No, you're the one with the looks now." She smiled as she walked out of the room's bathroom. "Do me a favour; get rid of that mirror."

"Later. You need your rest." Dwayne walked Erika back to the bed, helping her get comfortable.

Erika smiled as she looked at Dwayne tiredly. "Can you stay with me?" she whispered.

Dwayne looked at Erika in amazement, then at the time; he was due on the Dark Horse in 3 hours.

"All right, just for a short nap," he told her as he crawled into the bed beside her. "I love you, Erika," he told her as she wrapped his arms around her.

"Love you more, Dwayne," Erika whispered as she fell asleep.

Erika woke up in a cold sweat, but knew that she had to be very hot, Dwayne was still holding her and they had been covered by a blanket.

"Dwayne?" Erika whispered as she slowly turned over to wake him up. It killed her to do so. She had no energy, and he was so cute in his sleep.

"Dwayne, I am not feeling good," she whispered as Dwayne woke up.

"You want the nurse?" Dwayne asked as he got off the bed and went over to the emergency button, pressing it.

A nurse walked in, one strange to Erika.

"What's the matter, dear?" the nurse asked as she took Erika's temperature. Before Erika could answer, the nurse was done checking her temp. "I'll get the doctor. You have a fever."

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