Part 5

by Zera

"Dwayne, what happened?" Jo walked into the waiting room and sat beside Dwayne.

"Erika woke up from her nap not feeling so well. The doctors said she caught a flu or something." Dwayne lifted his head from his hands.

"She'll be fine." Jo smiled as she took Dwayne's arm. "She's a fighter."

"She's very sick and weak." Dwayne shook his head.

"It's not your fault," Jo told him.

"I shouldn't have gotten so close. She wouldn't have gotten sick if I hadn't slept with her. It's my fault." Dwayne shook his head. "I know you're right, I really do -- I am just so worried about her."

"Have you asked her yet?" Jo asked, changing the supject.

"About bout our talk last week?" Dwayne asked. "No...."

"You're not getting any younger," Jo pointed out. The week before Dwayne had asked Jo about marriage, and how he should approach the Doctor in asking for her hand.

"I love her so much -- I don't want to lose her," Dwayne told Jo.

"When she gets better, I'll take her somewhere special and ask her to marry me," Dwayne swore to himself as the doctor walked towards him and Jo.

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