Part 6

by Zera

I am sorry I haven't gotten around to finishing "How We Got Together"... I can't think of what I am doing with that story as soon as I get an idea I'll finish it!

Dr. Slate was getting bored of her hospital room. She needed to get out and see what else was there. She got her housecoat on and slowly walked out of her room.

Dwayne had told her that the whole hall had other people like her, all with cancer or some other disease. The hallway led to a living room full of chairs and people. Most like her were hairless.

"Hey!" A young voice smiled as she waved towords Erika. "Join me!" she laughed. "I am Jess." Jess looked about the age of 20, hairless and quite skinny, though her face was swollen. An IV was in her hand.

"Hey. I'm Erika Slate."

"Cancer?" Jess asked.

"Yah," Erika smiled. "Dinner?"

"Not as good as pizza, but hey, I am not throwing it up." The young girl laughed. "I have cancer as well -- it bites."

"I know." .

"You got a husband or kids?" Jess asked, changing the subjet.

"I have a boyfriend, Dwayne Hunter."

"Isn't he the military man that comes in here every day?"

"That's him," Erika smiled as she laughed.

"He's sooo hot!" Jess smiled weakly, "I hate to do this to you but I am going to be sick-- I'll see you later?" Jess got up.

"I'll walk you back." Erika helped Jess find her room and helped her to get in bed, and also got her a bucket. "Better?"

"Yes, mother," Jess laughed as she fell asleep.

Before Erika left she made sure Jess was comfortable and then went back to her own room. She soon had to face the wrath of her own chemo treaments.

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