Part 7

by Zera

Erika looked up to the roof of her bedroom, praying that the sinking feeling in her tummy would pass. The Doctor had come in a while ago to inform her that she was able to leave the hospital-- but only for the weekend. The doctors were hoping it would lift her spirits and give her hope. She had already called Dwayne and told him the news. He was on his way. Erika wasn't sure if she should be this nervous, but she had been in the hospital for a long time. She was scared to leave.

"Ready to leave?" Dwayne smiled as he walked in. His smile turned to a frown as he noticed Erika hadn't gotten dressed yet. "You want to leave, right?"

Erika looked at him. "Kind of."

"Scared?" Dwayne asked as he closed her door, walking over to her.

"Very," Erika nodded as she sat up.

"We're going to my sister's place. Since she's gone it will be very quiet," Dwayne explained. "Nice fresh country air will cure you."

"You think?" Erika laughed.

"Sure; it's where I go." Dwayne kissed her cheek.

"You need help with getting dressed?"

"A little. I am still very weak." Erika turned around so he could undo her nightgown.

"See, all better." Dwayne kissed her cheek as he finished.

The orderly walked into the room as Dwayne finished with Erika. "Hey, no fair. You get a ride to my car," Dwayne joked as he helped Erika into the wheelchair.

"Freedom," Erika smiled as Dwayne pulled up in to his sister's driveway.

"Nice and quiet," Dwayne reminded her as he parked the car.

"Is Rusty going to come here?"

As if on cue Rusty came out of the house. "Dr. Slate!" he called to her as he ran over to her side of the car.

"Whoa, tiger, your mother is still very weak," Dwayne reminded Rusty as he got out of the car.

Erika managed a smile. "He's over-worried for me, dear," she whispered to Rusty.

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