Fan Art

Chris Paluszek (carzorthade at

Big Guy sittin' around. On some 'candy'.
"Big Guy doing a move I call 'The Big Guy Missile Pivot'".
"Big Guy trains with Rusty for his upcoming stint at 'Celebrity Boxing'"
"Big Guy performs another classic move, the mass transit pile driver!"
Eagle arms

Dr. Seth (Plastic454 at

from the universe of her story "Damaged Goods":
"Balded": Duane and Rusty
"Duane Meets Slate"
"Sad but Cute": Duane

Dr. Susan Calvin (StrangeRelations at

illustrations for "Matrioshka":
from the universe of Dr. Seth's story:
Color Duane!: "....a picture of Duane weighted down by all his medals...Color him black and blue!"
Duane: "This one is a pencil study of Duane in a WW2 style pilot uniform. It's the first pic I drew for Dr. Seth when she first began her fanfic."
1940's Slate
Not-a-dress for another not-a-date
A patriotic pinup for Dwayne!
Slate Sketches: "Just some more versions of Slate."
Other Stuff:
Duane's Hallucination: "In a fic I drew once, Duane has a dream where he's got a nuclear family. He's the man of the household with a pipe, smoking jacket and paper; Erika has turned into the stereotyped housewife, and Rusty has been upgraded to look like a teenager."
High School: "Dr. Seth and I wrote a story a long time ago about how Duane was a big football jock in high school, and he used to torment the nerdy Erika. Once, she got a possum stuck in her hair, hence this doodle. Duane was mean to her, and teased her, but only because he had a crush on her...."
Huckle: "This is truly a sketchy pencil sketch. Poor Doc Slate, trying to explain her obligations to Rusty......
Rusky the Red Robot
A sketch of Duane and Darlene: "Did this a while ago in Biology class. (Told ya I like aviator wear!) I think Darlene is a character that's ignored a lot of the time."

Erica/Verve (verve294 at

Erika Slate in pencil
Erika Slate pencil study
Mack smocking
"Romance Cover": "What more can complete a romance kick than a sketch of Dwyane and Erika as they could be found on a historical romance cover?"
Paper Doll Project example

Jill W. (MFCarpet at

Big Guy, Rusty, and a big patriotic flag! "I didn't draw this, it's just cut and paste from the cover of the Big Guy comic book and a public domain bitmap that I found online. I was trying to recreate the poster that Rusty has in his room."

Madartiste (madartiste at

Dwayne and Erica and the revised version, on Madartiste's site
Tuxedo! Dwayne on Madartiste's site.

Marajaykettch/Mara (talitha_shipman at

Illos for Mara's story "Real Boy":

"Rusty as a Human"
"Slate Sitting with Rusty"

Illos for Peanut's untitled story about Dwayne and Erika's 2nd not-date:

Dwayne in his tux and
Ericka in her red dress

"Messy Dwayne"

"Jo Looking Sad?"

"El Rusty"
Rusty in color
Rusty sketched in pencil

Head shot of Slate.
Ericka frontview
Ericka sideview

"A little poster I found that I went Photoshop crazy on."


Blue banner
Red banner
Secret banner
Blue BG&R
Neon BG&R
Solar Big Guy

Matt Roach, Big Guy and Rusty storyboard artist:

Big Guy, Rusty and Neugog

Mere (mbmincey at

"After Saving the World"
"Big Guy and Rusty"
"Deputy" and "Deputy" in pencil: Garth in power armor. Go, Garth!
Dwayne and Erica bitmap and the jpeg version. Whoa!
Dwayne sitting on a roof
Jo, Slate, Rusty and Garth
Slate from "The Lower Depths"
"So Long as We Remember": Mack

Sparks (frostibear at

Dwayne in his flight suit and the jpeg version
Dwayne piloting Big Guy and the jpeg version
Slate and the jpeg version

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