If you've written a Big Guy and Rusty story, send it to me (suburbanbanshee at and let me post it, or tell me where to link to!


Complete in one part, "Pure Love" by Dr. Seth. You can meet some very interesting people online.

Alex (or is that Tank?) sent us part 1 of his first BG&R fanfic, an alternate universe version of the BGY Project "In the Beginning".

Finally, Mary Christmas posted her newest crossover, "A Tangled Web", quite a while back. Sorry I didn't web it up sooner, Mary.

Mary Christmas has sent us part 8 of her Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot/SH22 crossover, "Twins". Inspector Lestrade-y and the scientist lady are sisters under the skin. ;) Hey, since the shows cruelly didn't give us a look at their relatives, why not?

Mere sent in part 6 of "Ghost in the Machine". Hold on tight; there's rough stuff ahead!

Dr. Sue poses part 3 of her story "The Service Is a Drag". There are some bets you shouldn't lose.

Will K. is up to part 4 of his untitled crossover with Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.

Mara sent us chapter 8 of "Real Boy". An alien probe changes Rusty forever.

Mary Christmas and Alexandria posted Part C, Part D and Part E of "Truth or Dare II".

Verve posted part 1 of "Do You Like Pina Coladas?" Slate tries out the personals, while an old friend tries Dwayne's patience.

Dr. Seth brings us part 2 of chapter 3 of "Damaged Goods". Contains mature language. Man, it's getting dark in here, but kinda shippy too!

Mere posted part 4 of her new story "Ghost in the Machine".

I webbed up Zera's revision of her untitled cancer story. Here's part 1 and part 2 (together incorporating all the previous parts). Looks good!

JP posted part 1, part 2 and part 3 of her new story "Sick Day".

Mara posted part 1 of "My Iguana and Me".

Dr. Seth sent us part 1 part 2 and part 3 of her bloodchilling new tale, "Shippy Ex Machina". The horror! The horror!

Mara previously posted part 2 of "The Night the Iguana Attacked".

Zera also posted part 5 of "How We Got Together".

New writer J.P. posted part 1 and the final part of her story "The Big Guy Is Commissioned".

Zera previously posted part 7 of her untitled cancer story.

Verve sends us part 3 of "What Rocket Scientists Want".

Over on her page, Madartiste has gotten up to part 7 of the sequel to "Tin Men", "Burned Out". Dwayne's been working just a little too hard.

Beware of Maureen bearing part 2 of "It's Not a Date".

Mara sent in part 4 of her story "Domestic Bliss", set several years after the series. When disaster strikes the BGY Program, Dwayne must fight on despite his grief.

Another blast from the past: part one of Mary Christmas' unfinished "BG&R Christmas Carol".

Peanut sent us part 2 of an untitled story about Dwayne and Erika's second, not-a-date.

Complete Stories


"Big Guy, Bigger Slate": a link to his script-format fic.

Dr. Seth

"Pure Love"
You can meet some interesting people online.

Dr. Susan Calvin

"Matrioshka" (31K)
It's what you call those nesting Russian dolls. It's also what I call a very good story. (Warning: contains character death.)

Jill W.

"Coffee Break"
Don't mess with Jo's coffee.

Big Guy and Rusty's Secret Hideout contains the rest of her fanfic, including "Jam".

Joshua Fraim

His virtual season of BG&R is posted at his page and at Phoenix Virtual Television.

Lady Ragnall

"Chat Room Romance"
Aw, you never meet anyone interesting in a chatroom -- or do you?

"Later That Evening...." (8K)
Epilogue for "Double Time".


"Tin Men"
A direct sequel to "Double Time" which deals with that elusive Number 7. Also on


"Ericka and the Urn"
A flashback to Slate's past.

"Just Enough Time" (18K)
A day in the life of Dwayne, Erika and Rusty. (This was the first complete BG&R fanfic on the Net.)

"King of the Grill".
Dwayne, come on down!

Maureen S. O'Brien

"SG-Fun" (5K)
Stargate/Big Guy and Rusty crossover.


"Replacement Parts", a 'missing scene' with Dwayne and Rusty.

"Whoops": Jo and Garth make a small tactical error. (Contains adult references.)


"Bowling" (8K)
Dwayne, Erika and Rusty go bowling. Short and sweet.

"Ladies' Night Out",
Ericka and Jo go out and raise a little heck.

"Poster Boy".
Another fine adventure for Jo and Ericka!


"After the Game" (3K)
Dwayne deals with the events of "Patriot Games".


Mary Christmas, Jill W. and Mere

"The Dating Game, BG&R Style!"
The name says it all.

Unfinished Works

Verve brings us part 2 of her opus, "Prisoner Games: Colony 923".

Coolruler1 begins her tale of "Wonders of the Web".

Septima sent us the prologue to "The Missing Legionnaire".

We're writing a round robin over on the message board, and I've archived all the parts over here. It's an X-Files/BG&R crossover, and the latest is part 47. Jump in and write what happens next!

For more fic, check out the 'Big Guy and Rusty' section at under 'Cartoons' and the Fic Board section of The BGY Project, Thordis' message and fic board for Big Guy and Rusty fans.

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