How We Got Together

Part 5

by Zera

"Rusty," Dwayne called through the Big Guy's booming voice. "The alien likes to attack from behind. Watch yourself," Dwayne told Rusty as he found himself pinned to the wall of the ship from a substance the monster had spit out at him.

In the lower volume of his headset he could hear the Pit Crew as they helped Erika with the labor pains,

"Right, Big Guy," Rusty nodded as he went around the alien, shooting it and bringing pain to the monster.

As Rusty beat the monster, Dwayne could hear a screeching scream in his ear. "You have a baby girl," he heard Garth say. Relieved, Dwayne found himself thanking God.

"Rusty, place the alien in the holding cell."

"Right-o!" Rusty smiled and did as he was told.

Dwayne flew the Big Guy back to his big chair and powered him down. Slowly getting out, he made sure Rusty didn't see him and closed the Big Guy back up.

He ran to the bunk hall where he knew the Pit Crew would have put Erika.


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