The Night the Iguana Attacked

Part 2

by Marajaykettch (talitha_shipman at

Oh, how very exciting. On with the show!

I let out a happy scream in spite of myself. Big Guy was here. The hero of New Tronic City would clobber that overgrown lizard.

Mr. Peterson was just as happy as I. "Go get 'em Big Guy," he yelled.

Just then, a small red shape zipped by our window. It was Rusty the boy robot.

And just at that minute, an alarm that all New Tronic City residents knew well began to blare. It was the "get out of the area before you are eaten by some giant mutated hulk" siren. Mr. Peterson and I obeyed. I grabbed my pink fuzzy bunny slippers and put them on and locked my door as we left. No sense encouraging theft.

Mr. Peterson and I ran down the stairs with my other neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Helfer and their kids were there, along with John Annton, the cute graduate student who lived across from me. I had long had a crush on him. John looked a bit distressed, but still under control. Old Mrs. Jukart was running downt the stairs too, and I secretly laughed when I saw her face completely covered in what could only be peanut butter. "Good for the pores," she said defiantly when she saw me looking.

"On what planet?" I said to Mr. Peterson quietly. He laughed at my remark.

People were talking excitedly as we descended the flights of stairs. "Did you see what is was?" "My mother called and said it was Godzilla." "No?" "Really?"

"More like an iguana," I said to no one in particular.

John heard me, though. "How big was it?"

"Oh, about the size of our building, wasn't it, Mr. Peterson?"

"Oh, yes, my dear," Mr. Peterson said. "Quite large."

Just then a huge thud shook our building. People screamed and I heard several children cry out. The lights flickered once and then came back on. We were almost to the back emergecy doors on the ground floor. Security guards rushed us outside, where a military truck was waiting.

I managed to catch a glimpse of Big Guy swinging the lizard by the tail as Rusty fired at its belly. So much for Mister Lizard, I told myself. Then I was roughly pushed into the waiting truck by two strong arms.

"Let's go!" shouted an enlisted man, probably Army Reserve, I figured. The truck started up and sped away.


I came back the next day to find the outside wall of my apartment missing. "Oh, great." I rolled my eyes. Everything else seemed to be in place, even my computer.

Mr. Peterson had also lost part of his wall. He told me he would be okay, he had relatives he could live with while the landlord got around to fixing the busted wall.

I did too, for that matter, but had wanted to make sure that my house was okay and grab some clothing. I walked to my bedroom, which was in much better shape than the living room, and opened my closet.

I shrieked as something made a hissing sound. "What is THAT?" I cried. My nerves couldn't take much more of this.

With my cry, a small green lizard sauntered out of my brown leather boots. It made a strange burping noise and looked at me with strange reptilian eyes.

I kneeled down to get a closer look. "Where did you come from?" I asked. Then a thought dawned on me. "You must be related to Mega Lizard from last night."

The iguana blinked at me.

Well, I certainly couldn't have it living in my closet and eating my boots. I gingerly picked up the small creature. (I had never really touched reptiles before.) It did not resist. Must have been tame. I set it on the floor outside my closet and began to pack my things. After I was done, I slung my bag over my shoulder and once again picked up the lizard.

It was kind of cute, not at all like the huge monster of last night.

"You're not too bad," I said. The lizard shook his whip-like tail and blinked again.

"You don't do much, though. Maybe I should turn you in to the proper authorities." I imagined myself turning a lizard into the local police station. I thought I saw the lizard smile.

"Or maybe not -- they might dissect you or something." I carried him out to the kitchen, grabbed my pills, and took one last look at my apartment before shutting the door.

The lizard and I had a nice taxi ride to my mom's house, and he blinked at me at least five times. I decided to name him "Rusty" after the boy robot that had helped save me.


Further adventures of Febs and Rusty will be posted.

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