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-- I just wanted to see if Big Guy had a website.
-- Rusty, robots don't usually have websites.

from BRG-103: "The Inside Scoop" by Roger S.H. Schulman


Complete in one part, "Pure Love" by Dr. Seth. You can meet some very interesting people online.

Awright, so I've been a little lazy. But finally, it's a fanfic and fanart update!

Alex (or is that Tank?) sent us part 1 of his first BG&R fanfic, an alternate universe version of the BGY Project "In the Beginning".

Chris Paluczek sent us a wonderful drawing of the Big Guy's Eagle Arms. The bloom came off when he did the finished version, so he sent us the original sketch instead.

Finally, Mary Christmas posted her newest crossover, "A Tangled Web", quite a while back. Sorry I didn't web it up sooner, Mary.


Mary Christmas has sent us part 8 of her Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot/SH22 crossover, "Twins". Inspector Lestrade-y and the scientist lady are sisters under the skin. ;) Hey, since the shows cruelly didn't give us a look at their relatives, why not?


Mere sent in part 6 of "Ghost in the Machine". Hold on tight; there's rough stuff ahead!

Meanwhile, Mara sends us "a little poster I found that I went Photoshop crazy on."


I finally webbed up part 5 of Mere's "Ghost in the Machine".

I also put up Chris' revised versions of Big Guy and the car and Big Guy and Rusty doing some boxing training.

New fanfic! No foolin'!

Dr. Sue poses part 3 of her story "The Service Is a Drag". There are some bets you shouldn't lose.


Dwayne sitting on a roof by Mere!

Will K. is up to part 4 of his untitled crossover with Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.


Chris Paluczek sent us pictures of "Big Guy trains with Rusty for his upcoming stint at 'Celebrity Boxing'" and "Big Guy performs another classic move, the mass transit pile driver!"

Dr. Sue has part 2 of her story "The Service Is a Drag". There are some bets you shouldn't lose.


Chris Paluszek sent us a picture of Big Guy "doing a move I call 'The Big Guy Missile Pivot'".

Mara sent us a whole batch of pictures! Some illustrate "Real Boy".
"El Rusty"
"Jo Looking Sad?"
"Leon" (in color)
"Messy Dwayne"
"Rusty as a Human"
"Slate Sitting with Rusty"
(Sorry it took me so long to put them up.)


Mara sent us chapter 8 of "Real Boy".

She also sent us a new picture of Slate.


Well, it's been a long time between updates, but Chris Paluszek drew us a picture of Big Guy sittin' around. On some 'candy'.

Also, Nerium Oleander has (among other things) some very nice fan art of Lieutenant Hunter on her site. Check it out!


Mary Christmas and Alexandria posted Part C and Part D and Part E of "Truth or Dare II".


Mere sent us a nice little 'missing scene' story, "Replacement Parts". Dwayne, Rusty, and a story that's complete in one part. What more can you ask?

Verve posted part 1 of "Do You Like Pina Coladas?" Slate tries out the personals, while an old friend tries Dwayne's patience.


Dr. Seth brings us part two of chapter 3 of "Damaged Goods". Things get worse. The center does not hold.


Mary Christmas posted "Truth or Dare" and Part A and Part B of "Truth or Dare II".


Mere previously posted part 4 of her new story "Ghost in the Machine".

I webbed up Zera's revision of her untitled cancer story. Here's part 1 and part 2 (together incorporating all the previous parts). Looks good!


For our fic-reading convenience, Mary Christmas sent us a local copy of her work-in-progress over at The story is called "Twins", and the latest chapter is 7.


JP posted part 1, part 2 and part 3 of her new story "Sick Day".

Mara posted part 1 of "My Iguana and Me".

Dr. Seth sent us part 1 part 2 and part 3 of her bloodchilling new tale, "Shippy Ex Machina". The horror! The horror!

Mere sent us a new picture of Big Guy and Rusty.

Mara sent us part 7 of her story "Real Boy".

Mere previously posted part 3 of her new story "Ghost in the Machine".

Mara previously posted part 2 of "The Night the Iguana Attacked".


Mere posted part 1 and part 2 of her new story "Ghost in the Machine".


Dr. Sue has part 1 of a new story, "The Service Is a Drag".


It helps if I actually post pointers to my fanfic updates.

Zera posted part 7 of her untitled cancer story and part 5 of "How We Got Together".

New writer J.P. posted part 1 and the final part of her story "The Big Guy Is Commissioned".


Zera posted part 6 of her untitled story.


Dr. Seth brings us part one of chapter 3 of her untitled story. Contains mature language.


Mere has written a brand new story, "Whoops". Contains mature situations.


Mere has a new picture up on the fanart page.


Finally! My interview with BG&R storyboard artist Matt Roach, and the picture he drew for our site! You will be amazed.

Mere sent us a new picture of Mack for the fanart page: "So Long as We Remember"


Dr. Sue sent us more new fanart.


Mara sent us part 4, part 5, and part 6 of her story "Real Boy".

Dr. Seth and Dr. Sue sent us some brand new fan art.


Zera previously posted part 4b and part 5 of her untitled story.

Verve posted part 3 of "What Rocket Scientists Want".

Madartiste has gotten up to part 7 of the sequel to "Tin Men", "Burned Out". Dwayne's been working just a little too hard.

Jill W. has a new Big Guy and Rusty page up called Big Guy and Rusty's Secret Hideout! There's fanfic and more!


There's a new picture by Sparks up on the fan art page.


There's new art by Sparks up on the fan art page.


Maureen gets off her tushie and posts lots of new screencaps by Spoon. Scroll on down and take a look!

Mere also sent us 2 versions of her new picture of Garth over on the Fanart page.


Mara sent us part 3 of her story "Real Boy".


Mara sent us part 2 of her story "Real Boy".

Zera previously posted (or rather, Jo did!) part 4 of her untitled story.

Mara previously posted part 1 of "The Night the Iguana Attacked New Tronic City".


New writer Dr. Seth brings us chapter 3 prologue of her untitled story.


Mere sent us a couple new pieces of art, and I fixed the link to her .bmp file.


Dr. Seth brings us part 2 and part 2b of her untitled story. Man, it's getting dark in here, but pretty shippy too!

Jill W. and Mere have brand new Fan Art up. They make excellent wallpapers, and talk about a spectrum of "Why We Fight"!

Verve sends us part 2.5 of "What Rocket Scientists Want".


Mara sent us part 1 of her story "Real Boy".

Dr. Seth brings us part 1 of her untitled story.

Peanut chronicles yet another Jo and Erika adventure in "Poster Boy". (There's a really good Monty Python song to quote here, and I wonder which of the older fans will figure out which one I'm thinking of.)


Dr. Sue has a patriotic pinup of Slate! This whole 1940's theme is just too much fun.

New writer Dr. Seth brings us the prologue to her untitled story. More tomorrow when I've got it webbed! It gets very gooooood.


I forgot to post part 3 of Zera's untitled cancer story. You know, maybe I ought to consider sleep as a lifestyle option....

3 pictures of Dwayne in a tux on Madartiste's site. Naturally I would never suggest printing out these pictures and bringing out your old paper doll outfits to use on Dwayne. Or cutting new ones out of catalogs. Never. ;)


Madartiste has gotten up to part 6 of the sequel to "Tin Men", "Burned Out". Dwayne's been working just a little too hard.

Verve posted part 1 and part 2 of her new story, "What Rocket Scientists Want".

Beware of Maureen bearing part 2 of "It's Not a Date". The bad news is, there's gonna be a part 3.

Dr. Susan Calvin sent us a couple of new pictures. Dr. Slate steps into the 1940's over on the Fan Art page! Hey, Dwayne! We've got a pinup for ya....

Mara also posted both parts of a flashback to Dr. Slate's past, "Ericka and the Urn".

Jill W. posted all three parts of "Coffee Break".

Joshua Fraim posted his virtual season of BG&R at his page and at Phoenix Virtual Television.

Mara posted part 4 of her story "Domestic Bliss", set several years after the series.

Mere sent us the ending for the messageboard skit "The Dating Game! BG&R Style".

We have brand new stuff on the Fanfic, Fan Art, and Screencaps pages! Check 'em out.

Muellerette and Kaetlin sent us tons of screencaps to brighten your screen.

Mara posted part 3 of her story "Domestic Bliss", set several years after the series. When disaster strikes the BGY Program, Dwayne must fight on despite his grief.

ActionFigure sent us a link to his script-format fic, "Big Guy, Bigger Slate"

Jill W. brings us part 3 of "Jam".

Peanut wrote "Ladies' Night Out", in which Erika and Jo go out and raise a little heck.

Over on her page, Madartiste has the very interesting Tin Men, also over on It's a direct sequel to "Double Time", and deals with that pesky Number 7.

Just a reminder -- you are always welcome to email me with fanfic, essays, drawings, or other contributions, and I love to link to other pages. Just send me a line.


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