We got screencaps, lots of screencaps.... Thanks to Kaetlin, Muellerette, and Spoon for all their wonderful work!

Screencaps provided by Kaetlin (aussiephilosophy at
And her webcam. It's a somewhat Dwayne-heavy collection, but I think at least 50% of the viewers won't complain.... :)

Big Guy and Rusty in the Magma Men's cave.
(from ep 111 "Wages of Fire")

Erika in The Dress.
Dwayne's reaction to The Dress.
(from ep 115 "Blob, Thy Name Is Envy")

Dwayne pilots the Squillachi-modified version of the Epic-1 as Rusty looks on
(from ep 117 "Patriot Games")

Dwayne confronts Harley Griffin as Jenny looks on
(from ep 118 "Harddrive")

Dwayne, Mack, Erika and Rusty onboard the Dark Horse the night before the big fight.
Dwayne, Mack and Erika react as Rusty shows his faith in Big Guy. The picture that makes some ask, "Lt. Dwayne Hunter and Ben Affleck -- separated at birth?"
Erika and Rusty watch the big fight
(from ep 120 "The Champ")

Dwayne in his pilot's jacket

Dwayne piloting the Big Guy

Dwayne confronts Rusty

Screencaps provided by Muellerette (muellerette at

From ep 103 "The Inside Scoop":
"The human factor-- you."
Not difficult to see why Rusty got the wrong idea
"They think I'm Big Guy's Chief Mechanic."
"Not even Rusty [can know]"
Dwayne looking surprised
Dwayne with Erika-- err Dr. Slate.
"It better work... Slate."
"Slate and Dwayne, sitting in a tree..."
"I've been meaning to give you this..."
Slate opening the gift
"Call me anytime."
"Um, I mean in the event of a planet-threatening crisis"

From ep 109 "Moon Madness":
Dwayne looking concerned
"You're crushing my spleen!"
"Long ride home."
"Welcome to my world."

From ep 112 "Little Boy Robot Lost":
Dwayne's a crack shot
"That was our best chance at finding Rusty."
"Had no choice."
"I cast a Nil spell on you!"
Dwayne tells Slate she's amazing.
Ever notice the Dwayne's always leaning over Slate's shoulder?

From ep 113 "The Bicameral Mind":
"You rang?"

From ep 115 "Blob, Thy Name is Envy":
"I didn't realize you were seeing anyone"
"You guys are going on a date?"
"It's not a date!"
Going bowling?
Just call him Hunter, Dwayne Hunter.
Dwayne running from the Blob

From ep 117 "Patriot Games":
Ooh, look, they're holding hands!
Dwayne realizes what happened to Big Guy
"No one tells a lieutenant of the US military how to dress!"
Rusty's glad that Dr. Slate isn't talking funny

From ep 118 "Hard Drive":
Rusty playing baseball
Picture of Dwayne with his squadron

From ep 120 "The Champ":
Dwayne and Doc look stricken

From ep 121 "Sickout":
"Who's been sitting in my chair?"

Screencaps provided by Spoon (spoon at

Patriotic scenes:
Big Guy carrying the flag
Big Guy holding the flag (1)
Big Guy holding the flag (2)
Big Guy protecting the flag (1)
Big Guy protecting the flag (2)
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Big Guy!
Big Guy flying (1)
Big Guy flying (2)
Patriotic Big Guy

From the opening credits:
Rusty schematics (front view)
Rusty schematics (side view)
Rusty in 3D (front view)
Rusty in 3D (side view)
Dr. Slate
Dr. Slate, annoyed
Rusty (pose)
Rusty -- Fire 1!
Fire 2!
Fire 3!
Rusty, stunned
Big Guy, armed
Rusty, glad to see Big Guy
Rusty, aiming
Rusty, charged with nucleo-protons
Rusty fires
Rusty whistles. "Cool!"
Rusty is happy
Rusty with the Big Guy
Rusty on Big Guy's shoulders
The Big Guy and Rusty logo

More screencaps From ep 125: "Double Time - Part 1"

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