Sick Day


Part 1

by JP

This is what happens when I'm bored. I write a story. :/ If this story bores you, let me know!

Lt. Dwayne Hunter sighed as he woke up early Saturday morning. He had given Jo, Mack, and Garth the weekend off to visit family. He began to wish he hadn't.

He coughed. "Hope I'm not getting sick," Dwayne thought to himself as he got dressed. After putting on his flight jacket, he headed toward the cafeteria to get some of the infamous coffee and cough medicine.

"Hey, Lieutenant Hunter! What will it be?" the cook asked as Dwayne came to the counter.

"Black coffee and some cough medicine," Dwayne replied, clearing his throat.

"Gosh. You sound bad. Hope you don't get sick. Big Guy might need you," the cook replied, giving Dwayne his coffee and medicine.

" I hope I don't either," Dwayne said, walking back to the hangar.

After removing the tarp from Big Guy and sitting down to take his medicine and drink his coffee, he received a call from Dr. Slate.

"Hello?" he said in a hoarse voice when the screen came on.

Dr. Slate's face frowned slightly. "Are you okay, Lieutenant?" she asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

Dwayne cleared his throat again. "Just a little cough. That's all," he replied, smiling slightly.

Dr. Slate pushed her glasses against her face. "Rusty wanted to come over and say hello to Big Guy."

Dwayne coughed. "When?"

"Now" was the reply.

Dwayne perked up as he heard Rusty call Big Guy.

"We can talk later," Dr. Slate said as Dwayne ran toward Big Guy. He jumped inside just before Rusty came in.

"Big Guy!" Rusty yelled happily.

"I wish you would give me more of a warning next time," Dwayne said to Dr. Slate as she appeared on a screen.


"Big Guy! Guess what?" Rusty said

"What, sport?" Big Guy asked.

"Dr. Slate bought me the new Megatech Warriors game today!" he said, holding up the empty box.

Dwayne sighed. "A video game?!"

"Yep. Sorry. I tried to hold him back," Dr. Slate said.

"You need to stop buying him these games." Dwayne coughed.

"What was that?" Rusty asked.

"Uhh. It's just some of my gears. Lt. Dwayne hasn't oiled them yet," Big Guy boomed.

"Where is Lt. Dwayne anyway? I wanted to show him my new game. He would probably want to play it," Rusty said, looking around the hangar.

"Uh. Lt. Dwayne had to go home. He'll be back later," Big Guy lied.

"Why did I say that?" Dwayne immediately asked himself.

"I'll come back later and show him," Rusty said. " Bye, Big Guy!" he said and flew away.

Dwayne ejected from Big Guy and sat back down at the table. Dr. Slate appeared again.

"I can't wait until he outgrows those games," Dwayne thought out loud.

"I can't either," Dr. Slate replied.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Dwayne asked, taking another coughdrop.

"I thought you might be lonely," Dr. Slate said as she smiled.

Dwayne looked around the hangar. " Me? Lonely!? No way. Big Guy's here."

Slate laughed. "Big Guy's shut down."

"I know."

Dr. Slate gave a shriek as Rusty appeared in front of Dwayne. "Rusty! I told you not to do that!" Dr. Slate said as she got back in her chair.

"Sorry, Dr. Slate. Hey! Lt. Dwayne!" Rusty said, seeing Dwayne on the screen.

Dwayne coughed. "Hello Rusty," he replied.

"I think your cold is getting worse," Dr. Slate said.

"Yeah, no kidding. I'll be right back," he replied and went to go get some more coughdrops.

"Dr. Slate. What's a cold?" Rusty asked.

"A cold is where someone doesn't feel good and coughs a lot. Sometimes the person sneezes, too. Other people can catch a cold from others also," Dr. Slate replied. They heard Dwayne sneeze in the background.

"Was that a sneeze?" Rusty asked.

"Yes," Dr. Slate answered

"Good thing Big Guy is a robot. He might catch Lt. Dwayne's cold," Rusty said just as Dwayne reappeared on the screen. Dwayne swallowed another coughdrop.

"Gee, Lt. Dwayne. You sound terrible," Rusty said.

A ringing in the hangar surprised Dwayne and he almost fell out of his chair.

"The Big Guy signal!" Rusty yelled, looking down at the belt. "Power up. Blast off!"

Dwayne put his head in his hands. " Great," he mumbled.

"Maybe you should sit this one out, Dwayne," Dr. Slate said.

Dwayne brought up a map of where the Big Guy signal came from. A picture came up of the monster that Rusty was fighting. "Eww!" Dr. Slate and Dwayne said at the same time. The monster was horrendously ugly and had a slime-covered body. Dwayne rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

"Yes. You SHOULD sit this one out." Dr. Slate said when Dwayne came back.

"I think Rusty might be able to take care of this," Dwayne agreed.

"Shouldn't you be suited up Lt?" General Thorton's face appeared.

"Lt. Dwayne's sick, sir," Dr. Slate replied.

"Bad time to be sick, son." Thortan told Dwayne.

"I know, sir." Dwayne said.

Just a few minutes later, General Thorton's voice broke in again.

"Sorry, Lieutenant. But the Big Guy is needed," he said.

Dwayne groaned and went to suit up in Big Guy.

"Dwayne! You're in no condition to do this." Dr. Slate said through the comm system in the BGY-11.

"The kid can't handle it, Doctor," Thorton said.

Dr. Slate looked toward the floor.

"It's okay, General. I'm sure this cold will pass in a few minutes," Dwayne coughed. But as the Big Guy reached where Rusty was fighting, Dwayne's cold just got worse. He started hacking.

"Dwayne. You need to see a doctor," Slate said.

"Not this weekend. Rusty needs me," Dwayne replied in a raspy voice.

"I'll call Garth," Dr. Slate said, picking up a phone.

"No!" Dwayne called.

Dr. Slate seemed very concerned, but she hung up the phone.

"Big Guy!" Rusty called as he picked himself up from the ground.

"Ugh!" Big Guy struggled, trying to hold a large piece of a building that was lanched at him.

Dwayne coughed once and moved his protective visor into place. "Yuck!" Dwayne gagged when he saw the monster again. He began to look a little queasy.

"Lieutenant! Hold it, son!" General Thorton's voice crackled over the intercom.

"I don't think he's going to make it, sir," Dr. Slate's voice replied.

This is a long story for me. I have 3 or 4 different parts to it I think. Let me know what you think!

JP (bored to DEATH!!!)

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