Sick Day


Part 2

by JP

I'm no sir, try miss. Anyway; since you want more....

The voices seemed faint and far away. Dwayne shook his head to clear it but instead made himself get a headache.

Big Guy threw the building away and started to attack the ugly monster. The monster's injuries healed with tremendous speed.

"Doc. What exactly am I fighting?" Dwayne asked as he removed his visor to wipe sweat away from his face.

"A nuclear protonic organism." Dr. Slate sounded surprised as she typed on her computer.

"What!?" Dwayne and General Thorton exclaimed at the same time.

"No wonder Rusty can't fight him," Dr. Slate thought out loud.

"Can you pinpoint a weakness?" Dwayne asked as he steered Big Guy's fists into the monster's chest.

"I'm not exactly sure, Lieutenant. It's a living organism, not a robot," Dr. Slate replied.

"Try to find one. Quick!" Dwayne said as he swallowed a coughdrop.

"Hang in there. I'll be right back," Dr. Slate said, and she switched off the link.

Dwayne continued to fight the monster, but the Big Guy's weapons just didn't have a big enough effect on it. Rusty wasn't a big help either. His protonic powers had zero effect on the monster. All Rusty could do was watch and cheer Big Guy on.

"Dwayne? You all right?" A new voice appeared over his microphone.

Jo's face appeared on a third screen next to Dr. Slate's and General Thorton's.

"Jo!?" Dwayne said in surprise and coughed a couple of times.

"Doc Slate said you were real sick," she replied with some worry in her voice.

Dwayne glared at Dr. Slate. "I'll be fine," Dwayne said, a bit embarrassed.

"That cough doesn't sound too good." This time it was a different voice.

"Is that you, Garth?" Dwayne asked

"Yep." His face appeared right next to Jo.

"Did the Doc call you too?" he asked, annoyed this time.

"Nope. She didn't call any of us. We came back a few hours early and saw your butt getting kicked on TV." Mack's voice appeared next to Garth.

"But..." Dwayne coughed.

"Hold on, Dwayne. We're coming down there to switch you out," Garth said.

Dwayne sighed with relief. He gulped deeply.

"Don't you DARE barf in that cockpit!" Mack growled. Dwayne shook it off.

"Just hang in there, son," Thorton's voice said.

Dwayne unhooked the seatbelt and buttoned a few buttons on his pilot suit.

"What are you doing, Lieutenant?!" Dr. Slate exclaimed with worry.

"I...can't...breathe!" Dwayne coughed. "Air pressure decreasing."

"What!?" she replied with surprise.

"But Dwayne... the readings are normal!" Mack replied.

Dwayne coughed and began to sweat.

"Something is seriously wrong with him," Garth said.

He took off his helmet and wipped the sweat away from his face.

"Lieutenant! Fall back!" Thorton's voice boomed.

Dwayne moved Big Guy back a few feet, but stumbled on something and fell

"Big Guy! What's wrong?" Dwayne heard Rusty shout.

Dwayne coughed.

"Huh?! Big Guy! I think you caught Lt. Dwayne's cold!" Rusty said

"Rusty! Fall back but keep your eye on Big Guy," Dr. Slate's voice inside of the boy robot's head.

"What's wrong with him!?" Rusty asked with worry.

"He's broken, Rusty. Dwayne's Pit Crew is coming to fix him." Slate replied.

The monster took Big Guy's leg and slung him around and threw the giant robot in the air, narrowly missing a helicopter with Jo, Mack, and Garth in it. Dwayne was knocked around inside of the giant robot. He came to his senses and fought to get in the pilots' chair and strapped in just in time and fought to keep control.

"Dwayne!" Jo called.

"I'm okay now," Dwayne replied

"Land the BGY-11, Lieutenant! NOW!!" General Thorton's voice boomed.

Dwayne obeyed and ejected from the robot. He tried to stand up, but collapsed in Mack's arms. Jo and Mack helped Dwayne into the helicopter where Dr. Slate and another doctor helped him to a bed.

Garth jumped into the Big Guy and took off toward the monster again.

"Be careful, Garth." Dwayne said in a raspy voice and coughed.

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