Truth or Dare II

Part B

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Slate frowned. "Truth or Dare? I played that once in high school..." She grinned suddenly. "Needless to say, I was the only one without embarrassing secrets...."

The one called Moriarty looked down his nose at her. "I suppose you had no life, then?"

Slate glared at him.

"Oh, don't mind him," Mary said with a smile, "He's just grumpy because I made him admit he was in love with Lestrade."

"That is not why I am grumpy! For your information, my entire day has been completely disrupted."

Mary just shrugged and looked at Slate questioningly. Rusty, of course, chose that time to butt in.

"A game? Wow can I play?"

Slate's eyes widened and she looked down at him. "Oh, well, Rusty, you see...."

Mary jumped in. "Sure you can play! It's really really fun. In fact, there might even be kissing!"

The Boy Robot's nose wrinkled. "Kissing? Ewwww! Uh...thanks anyway, but I have to go finish my game. I almost beat it." Rusty took off at record speed.

"Well!" Slate said. "How did you know that would work?"

"Oh, you are either a cartoon, movie or book where she comes from," Hermione said.

"Yeah, that, and I have a six-year-old niece. Children around that age have very definite views about kissing."

Slate just sighed and decided to join. It was certainly better than doing nothing. She jumped when a table suddenly landed right in front of her. (Sorry, I forgot the table was going along, too.)

"Yay! Uh, Snapey dear, would you get us some more food and drink?" Mary said with a grin.

Snape glared over at her. "Only if you promise me you will never call me 'Snapey' again."

"Okay, Snape dear, I promise."

With a growl of annoyance, the greasy man waved a stick in the air and said a few Latin words that Slate couldn't quite catch. Seconds later a feast appeared on the table.

"Now," Snape said, waving his wand and making a chair appear between Tennyson and Harry, "I am going to join you this time. You will just have to think of something else to use as your 'alternative'."

Mary frowned. "Aww...ooh, I know! Can we go throughout this building, Professor?" At Snape's nod she continued, "Okay, the alternative to not doing a dare is to proclaim your undying love to Jenny the monkey! Now, Doctor, you sit between me and Moriarty. That's good. We're going to go the opposite way this time."

Everyone settled in what Slate figured were their positions from last time. Somehow there were chairs, but she had stopped trying to come up with a logical explanation long ago. Mary opened her mouth to say something, but Dwayne walked in the door before she could.


The situation was quickly explained to him, and he settled himself in between Holmes and Watson. Another chair had magically appeared.

"Now, is that everybody? Good. Frodo, truth or dare?"

Frodo thought for a moment. "Dare. I did truth last time."

"I dare you to get up on the table and sing uh that song you sang at The Prancing Pony, and do everything you did while singing it. Except for putting on the Ring of course. Oh and you have to wear this, too." She handed him a pair of cow horns, a cow bell, and a very large nightgown.

Frodo looked at the items in her hand then back up at her. "This isn't as embarrassing, you know."

"Wanna bet?"

The hobbit just shrugged and put the items on, then climbed up onto the table. Everyone started laughing. The gown, which would have been too big for anyone, was gigantic on him, making him look like a little kid playing dress-up. The cowbell and horns added to that image. Then he started singing. He had a nice voice. But when he started dancing, everyone nearly fell off their chairs with laughter. He was so tangled up in the gown that he finally fell off the table.

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