Truth or Dare II

Part C

by Alexandria

Can I add a little something to this? I don't think it'll be very good, but I'll put into my own 20 cents (Wow, I'm rich!).

Only seconds after everyone had finished laughing, there was a loud bang and a crash from behind them, as well as the appearance of a whole lot of smoke, strangely colored cerulean blue.

Coughing is heard. "Oh, bloody hell!" a female voice exclaims. "I didn't think it would be quite this explosive! Fred, George, this is the last time I let you handle travel arrangements." "

"We were hoping something would backfire and leave Malfoy back at the castle! Why'd he have to come anyway?" twin voices proclaim.

"Unfortunately for you, that didn't happen, so you're stuck with handsome me," another male voice drawls.

Yet another voice proclaims "How the hell did I get mixed up in this??"

The feminine voice replies cheerfully, "By being one of the cutest guys anime has ever seen, that's how."

The blue smoke eventually clears to reveal several people, from series that are supposed to be fictional, but as Mary isn't paying attention to the Laws of Physics, why should I? They include Fred and George Weasley (Ron groans upon seeing them); Marauders (meaning they're around 15-17) James Potter (we hear a gasp from Harry on this one), Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin (Meh, I don't like Peter, for obvious reasons); Matt Ishida from Digimon (series 01, for his cool hair ^_^ and you can't forget Gabumon!); a rather nonplussed Draco Malfoy; and one Marty McFly, as well as a girl of about 16 years of age and a black-haired boy of similar age and height, with surprisingly similar (or not so surprisingly) taste in clothes (or lack thereof).

"Hey guys! What's up?" the rather strange girl immediately said. "Mind if we join in?" The others just gaped at the new arrivals.

Sorry! Got to cut it off here, parents and all. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures with Mary and Alexandria, and various assorted characters!

:This is punctuated by several explosions, resulting in clouds of different colored smoke:

"Nice effect, boys, but ya better save it for later."

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