Truth or Dare II

Part D

by Alexandria

Here's the next part. I wanted to get it out before you all start to cough at me.

:two chibis (of me, of course!) pop out of nowhere:

Chibi-A: You are the greatest author in the world, Alex!

Chibi-B: "No one can surpass you're amazing writing skills!"

Thank you, thank you. On with the show!

Seconds after the announcement, Marty disappeared. The girl looks over at the spot where he once stood. "Ehhh, he already has a girlfriend, and he'd never let me use the time machine anyway," she said. Another few seconds after that, another young man (in his mid-twenties) appeared.

"I was wondering when you were going to join us, Al," drawls the girl.

"Ah, I got a little held up back at the school. That Minnie is real wild once you get to know her!!" he replies.

A look of understanding crosses over her face. "I wouldn't expect any less from you, Bingo. But...Minnie?"

"Ah, yes, Minerva. She's really quite fun once you get to know her." :insert cocky lopsided grin:

"Minerva? As in Professor Minerva McGonigall?!?!?"

:Sheepish look from Al: "Ah...yes?"

Alex and any other characters from the HP world immediately look very sick. "Professor McGonigall!?!?!"

"Oh, God, somebody use a memory charm on me, quick! That is NOT a pleasant mental picture...."

"Ugh, I'm with you, Fred."

(later on, after people are finishing being sick) "All right, time for introductions," announces the girl. "I'm Alexandria, Alex for short. The self-proclaimed cool guy over there with the funky blonde hair is Matt, from Digimon. He's apparently discussing ways to keep girls away with Draco Malfoy, that handsome bastard. The red-headed twins are Fred and George Weasley, you'll have to ask them which is which. The black-haired guy who looks a lot like Harry is James Potter, his future dad. The one next to him with the goofy grin is Sirius Black, and the reserved one is Remus Lupin. And the infuriatingly handsome young Italian over there is Al Calavicci, AKA Bingo. He's actually older than twenty-five, but that's the magic of youth spells! Last, but certainly not least, the cute young boy next to me is Omar Mourad, one of the classmates, and a former crush. He's so cute I just had to drag him along."

"But not before she threatened to leave me hanging from one of the Quidditch goal posts in only my boxers," he piped in.

"Which would leave me time to raid his drawers and add to my guys' boxers collection. Oh well," she sighs.

Alex pulls a rectangular pan from out of nowhere. "Brownies, anyone?"

Al immediately grabs one. "Mmmm. I love brownies!" Fred also grabs one. Both turned into fluffy bunnies after biting into the sweet: Al into a black one with some white patches, with Fred becoming a coppery red-brown one.

She handed the pan to a shell-shocked George. "Bunny Brownies. I can tell you the recipe if you like."

A stammered "Yeah, sure" was George's only reply.

Alex gathers the two rabbits and sits down in between Draco (who's next to Frodo) in extra chairs that Snape had meanwhile conjured up. Al sat to her right, then came Matt, James, and Remus. To her other side was Al, George, and Omar. She settles down comfortably with the two rabbits in her arms. "Let's get on with the game, shall we?"

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"AL! No, bad bunny! Come back here! Good thing there aren't any female rabbits around, or else I'd be afraid of what would happen."


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