Chapter 8: Nepotism? I Donít Think Thatíll Work For You This Time....

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at


Lestrade gasped as she felt the tiny, thin needle poke through her skin and into her back. It hit one of the vertebrae, but she doubted the person whoíd done it had noticed. They were too busy going for Grayson who was walking out of his door now. Since she couldnít let that happen (besides, she liked Grayson as her boss) she whirled around and stuck out her foot, effectively tripping the person. They fell with a muted thump. "Good job, Lestrade," Grayson praised. They both looked at the figure that was struggling to its knees. It was a portly kid with curly red hair; he was dressed impeccably. Finally attaining his knees, he looked up at Grayson and Lestrade. Lestrade pulled out her ionizer (never leave home without one) and aimed it at the kid.

"Donít move," she ordered peremptorily. The kid obeyed, but that didnít stop him from opening his mouth.

"My uncle is a very powerful man. Youíll be sorry youíve done this to me!" Lestrade supposed it was supposed to have been a very commanding statement, but it came out as more of a plaintive whine. Then a crafty expression appeared in the boyís eyes and he said in an even whinier voice, "Heís the one behind all this...and you can bet he wonít let you two imbeciles get away that easily."

"Well," Grayson began, only to be waved off by Lestrade who gave him a sly wink.

"I see. I have to say that your uncle is a brilliant man. Iíd even go as far as to say he was a genius, unparalleled by any." The kidís chest began to puff up, just as she thought it might, and she went on. "Oh yes, I would love to meet the man who thought up this scheme...why, Iíd even volunteer to be a test subject for that substance..."

"Well, then look no further," the kid said, his ego betraying him, "Because Iím the one who came up with it. My uncleís an idiot who thinks heís in charge of a multinational robotics firm, when actually itís the monkey who calls the shots...."

"Just what I wanted to hear," Lestrade said, unable to keep the triumphant smirk from her face. She started forward.

"No wait, donít have any j..jurisdiction here..."

"Zed! Youíre right...but I know someone who does."

Grayson, usually very forward in his opinions about what Lestrade did, was oddly quiet. She gave him a look, and he sighed. "I guess Iíd better start the paperwork...itís going to be long..." He walked back into his room muttering to himself.

"Right. Now come along, young man. Donít make me have to force you. Thatís better." They walked into Watsonís room and Lestrade had him back up and running in no time.

"Watson, díyou think you could..." She paused and looked at the kid, then whispered her question into Watsonís 'ear'. "...signal the Big Guy?"

"Why, yes, Lestrade, Iíll do so immediately."


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