Standing Deidre from the poster
"How else can we become fine upstanding citizens of this great....?"

Deidre starts out the series with a smart mouth, a load of attitude, and no great amount of respect for the law (as represented by Lestrade, anyway). Over the course of the series, she becomes a reformed character and grows interested in "culture". She even grows a bit reconciled to Lestrade.

Deidre has great interest in the latest fashion trends, and follows them right down to painting her forefinger nails a different color from the others. Her room (the only Irregular residence we see) is filled with posters and a computer/TV.

The name 'Deidre' comes from the Irish name 'Deirdre' (Old Irish 'Derdriu'), which means "sorrow" or "trouble". (The legendary Deirdre was the most beautiful woman in Ireland, which of course meant she had plenty of trouble with the king not taking 'no' for an answer. But I think Deidre causes plenty of trouble all by herself....) :)

Other than that, we know nothing about Deidre.

The poster says:
"This diverse band of street kids is Holmes' secret weapon in his war on crime...12-year-old Deidre, a precocious, reformed scam artist...."

The Study Guide says:
"Deidre, a precocious 12-year-old, is a reformed scam artist who's using her skills to 'con the cons'."

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