Martin Fenwick

Fenwick smiles
"The world will be as a lump of clay, awaiting your hands to sculpt it!"

We don't know much about Martin Fenwick, but what we do know, we don't like! He comes from the slums of Paris, according to Holmes' analysis of his speech patterns in RESI2, and he showed considerable skill as a cat burglar during the series, most notably in MUSG2. But according to Greyson, he's a rogue geneticist. When we first saw Fenwick, Lestrade was chasing him for violating parole.

At some point before the series began, Fenwick found the original Moriarty's frozen corpse in the ice cave where Holmes had buried it back in 1891. He extracted DNA (genetic material) and RNA (memory) from the corpse, then used the DNA to create a clone of the master criminal. Holmes reasoned that Fenwick intended to use the clone as a brilliant moneymaking, crime-organizing slave, but slave turned on master. Moriarty then used the crypnosis process to brainwash Fenwick into submission.

Fenwick may serve Moriarty faithfully, but he's not always the sharpest servant and he increasingly follows his own agenda. That agenda includes getting revenge on Lestrade and Holmes. His excessive zeal for that has created some real problems for Moriarty.

Surprisingly, Fenwick figures as a successful ladies' man in ENGN2. I guess there really is someone for everyone...ew....

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