Standing Wiggins from the poster
"The name is Wiggins."

One of Holmes' numerous crimefighting innovations was that of paying London's numerous "street Arabs" -- boys loose on the streets -- to do legwork for him. Their leader was a boy named Wiggins.

The new Wiggins is also a street kid. He didn't run with a gang, but he, Tennyson and Deidre were apparently business partners, with him as both the leader and the muscle.

In 2103, Holmes met Wiggins and was able to deduce the following things about him: "You used to play soccer for Brixton and had big dreams, but a knee injury ended all that. You've taken up boxing despite the knee, and are quite good, though you favor your left. You like raspberry sours, linguine, and a girl named Jacey, whom you don't get to see as often as you'd like." (He was still seeing Jacey during BERY2, so he really must be serious about her.)

Brixton is apparently a community in South London, about 4 miles away from Baker Street on the other side of the Thames. It's apparently not uncommon (according to Nick Hornby's book Fever Pitch) for professional football (soccer) teams in Britain to train a picked group of young people on a youth team (this is similar to the farm team system in baseball, but with younger people). Wiggins was no doubt part of such a team until he was injured. Either that, or it's the name of a school there.... (Brixton does not appear to be a league team in our time.) More knowledgeable interpretations by UK fans are hereby begged....

Wiggins is intelligent and a little reserved. He was highly skeptical of the value of seeing a treaty signing (RESI2). He has a soft voice, speaks with an American accent, and is generally good-natured.

A Brixton guide, including links to maps, a history. and even a webcam! Sounds like a reasonably cool place.

The poster says:
"This diverse band of street kids is Holmes' secret weapon in his war on crime. Wiggins, the 16 year old leader with boxing training and a photographic memory...are Holmes' eyes and ears in the streets of New London."

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