Untitled Rurouni Kenshin Crossover

Chapter One

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

General Disclaimer

Title: Unknown
Rating: PG (just in case of some violence)
Summary: Anything I could think of to say would give it all away.
Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin or SH22 (too bad...)

Inspector Beth Lestrade muttered silently under her breath as she attempted once again to enter her apartment. Unfortunately the zedding apartment management had once again changed all the key codes and 'forgotten' to mention it to her. She growled and punched the door, making one of several similar dents in the much-abused barrier, before turning and stalking down the hall towards the office.

Of course, she wasnít upset, not really. Just incredibly annoyed. She had been looking forward to sleeping in her own bed for a change, rather than whatever surface her head happened to touch. She could try to break in, but since it was before the office closed, she might as well do the polite thing and ask for the new key code. Besides, the last time sheíd done that, management had called the Yard saying that some 'unauthorized' individual had access to her apartment. Needless to say, Grayson hadnít been very happy with her that day.

A smirk crossed her features as she stepped into the gaudily decorated apartment that passed for the office. Grayson was almost never happy with her. Then, catching sight of the young receptionist at the desk she schooled her features into an 'Iím incredibly unhappy with you and now youíre probably gonna die,' look.

The teenaged boy took one look at her, smiled and ran to the connecting room. He came back out, and with trembling hands, handed her a piece of paper. She smiled at him. "Thanks, Jerry, youíre great. Next time, email me, k?"

"Yes, ma-am...sorry...."

Lestrade shrugged and walked out, happy now that she had the key code, although she regretted scaring Jerry. It wasnít his fault his superiors were donkeys. Still, she had her key code and could now enter her own apartment without further incident. Entering the new code, she walked inside, only to immediately wish she hadnít.


The shouts came from three different directions, from young, exuberant voices, along with an ecstatic beeping. She sighed and flipped on the lights to see Watson and the Irregulars standing (and hovering) with guilty looks on each of their faces.

"So, whatís all this about?" She asked suspiciously, "It isnít my birthday...."

"Well...." Watson began, "No...it isnít." The robotís elasto-masked face, and posture made him look incredibly awkward, and he began shifting from foot to foot.

Deidre, the only other girl there besides herself, grinned impishly. "Actually, we decided to have a party in your honor because you are the best inspector we know!"

"Gee, thanks," Lestrade replied drily, "But somehow I donít believe you."

"Actually, Inspector," Wiggins said, stepping forward, "Itís because we thought that you might...you know...know where Mister Holmes is." All four of them gazed at her with pleading and hopeful expressions.

"Why would I know that?" Lestrade said, her heart beginning to pound with worry, "Has something happened?"

Watson gave a realistic gusty sigh. "We donít know. Thatís the problem. You know that he left on a case two months ago?" at her nod, he continued, "He hasnít called or contacted anyone for the entire time and we were hoping that...."

Lestrade stared at each one of them in turn, her brain paralyzed for a moment, as a memory surfaced...Why canít they confide in me? I donít understand...why? Then... "You mean to tell me that heís been gone for two months with no contact and you just now decide to tell me!?" she exploded.

Watson winced and Deidre jumped in to hurriedly explain, "Well, you see, Inspector, Watson thought you knew and were told not to tell any of us so...we thought that maybe...but obviously you didnít know either and...." Her sentences began breaking up as Lestrade advanced menacingly towards the girl. Then she held her hands up and stopped.

"Sorry. Iím overreacting." She took a deep breath before continuing, "Anyway, thereís no need to worry. Yet. Holmes can take care of himself. If he doesnít want to tell us, then fine. However, if he isnít back by the end of this week...."

She was cut off by the sound of her vidphone. She glared at it in annoyed distraction, before walking over to answer it.

To her surprise -- and even greater annoyance -- there was no one there, just an odd, high-pitched noise. Then, a disembodied voice came in over the speakers.

"I am the past which is the future. I hold the key to timeís domain. Aku Soku Zan...a motto which will forever be regretted for its part in the destruction of innocence...."


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