"Itís a Date!"

by Dr. Seth

Mack and Jo walked hand in hand through New Tronicís Chinese district. Suddenly, she jerked him around and pointed, mouth agape, to the scene in a nearby restaurantís window.

"Holy Toledo!" Jo screeched.

"Wouldja lookit that!" Mack gasped. They both watched in fascination as Duane and Dr. Slate fed each other pieces of fried tofu.

"I didnít think he had a furlough today," Jo sneered.

"Well, at least heís gettiní some action! Heís been so crabby lately!" Mack grunted.

Duane and Erika both peered into each otherís eyes, and as they rubbed noses, their pupils glowed red.

"AWWW!" Jo cuddled closely with Mack.

"Yup, thatís the look of love all right!" Mack grinned as he took Jo in his arms.

"Címon, letís go back to the ship and make some Mack and cheese!" she giggled, images of giant varicose veins dancing merrily in her head.


"You moron! Youíre filling her up with tofu and sheís uncalibrating!" Number 5 slapped roboSlateís controls away from Number Four.

"Well, I think itís time our amorous pair made it back home anyways...." smirked Number One as he hit roboDuaneís smirk button.

"Ooh! Iím going to find some things so they can have a nice little couch to sit on!" Number Three gleefully rummaged through the excess scrap metal in order to construct a sofa.

Erika Slate, from within her cage, tried to decompose out of extreme embarrassment.

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