"Eve with that vile and worthless serpent was not minded, glorious as she was, to turn his words back upon him; although his words were very questionable, and should have been fused in the assay furnace. As she had splendour, he had vileness. Marvel we at Mary, who questioned even the great Angel, and dreaded not; who asked him, and feared not. Eve was not minded to question even the vile serpent that had no feet: the Virgin answered Gabriel. Mary did not question in order to pry into the Son of the Living One. It was about a mortal that she asked, since none knew her. Mary asked about things easy to the True One: Eve received all manner of difficulties of a promiser. The mother of no discretion is the fountain of our troubles; and the Sister of understanding is the store-house of our joys. The s serpent, who ought to have been questioned, was not pried into, and Christ, who ought to be believed, is pried into."*

"In her virginity Eve put on the leaves of shame. Thy Mother put on in her virginity the garment of Glory that sufficeth for all. She gave the little vest of the Body to Him that covereth all. Blessed is she in whose heart and mind Thou wast. A King's palace she was by Thee, O Son of the King, and a Holy of Holies by Thee, O High Priest... Eve, again, was a nest and a cave for the accursed serpent that entered in and dwelt in her. His evil counsel became bread to her that she might become dust. Thou art our Bread, and Thou art also of our race, and our garment of glory."+

"Eve lifted up her eyes from hell and rejoiced in that day, because the Son of her daughter as a medicine of life came down to raise up the mother of His Mother. Blessed Babe that bruised the head of the serpent that smote her."++

"In the beginning by the sin of our first parents, death passed upon all men; to-day through Mary we are translated from death unto life. In the beginning, the serpent filled the ears of Eve, and the poison spread thence through the whole body. To-day, Mary through her ears received the Champion of eternal happiness. What, therefore, was an instrument of death, has been also one of life."**

"Two women flowered in innocence and simplicity, Mary and Eve; the one was the source of our salvation, the other of our death."||

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(Digital Editor's Note: "Mary through her ears received the Champion of eternal happiness" refers to the idea that, since Jesus was the Word of God, the Spirit came upon her through her ears. You see this portrayed in some old paintings.)



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