"It is plain that Mary is the gate of life, because by her the world and its inhabitants have been illumined, who had been darkened by Eve the cause of all evils. They are like a body, one eye of which is blind and darksome, and the other pure and luminous, enlightening all things. So, to the world are affixed two eyes: Eve the blind eye, the left; whilst Mary is the eye full of light, the right... The eye is by the light made bright at the access thereof, and gains splendour by its means, and fairness by its rising, and brilliance by its brilliancy, and comeliness by its beauteousness. Mary is typified by the eye. Light dwelt within her and purified her thoughts and cleared her virginity. The river that baptised Him was again a type of His Conception; the soft womb of the water conceived Him in purity, and brought Him forth in brilliancy, and raised Him up in glory. In the pure bosom mayest thou learn of the daughter of our race, who conceived without man, and brought forth without seed, and brought up by the Gift the Lord of the Gift. The rising was in His river, the brightness in His sepulchre, and the rays He gave out on the top of the Mount; and His rising light in the womb; and He glistened, in His lifting up, and was bright, in His Ascension. Brightness did Moses put on; he was clad with Him from without. The river wherein He was baptised put on brightness from within. The body in which He dwelt was made brilliant from within, as Moses was from the glory."*

"Thou dost not hide thyself in thy bareness, Pearl! With the love of thee is the merchant ravished also, for he strippeth off his garment, not to cover thee, seeing thy clothing is thy light, thy garment is thy brightness, O thou that art bared! Thou art like Eve who was clothed with nakedness. Cursed be he that deceived her and stripped her and left her. The serpent cannot strip off thy glory. In the mysteries that thou typifiest, women are clothed with light in Eden."+

"Travail Adam on the woman brought that from him had come forth. She to-day her travail ransomed, who to us a Saviour bare. To Eve our mother birth a man gave, who had no birth himself. How much more should Eve's daughter be believed to have borne a Child without a man. The Virgin earth, she bare that Adam that was head over the earth. The Virgin bore to-day the Adam that was head over the heavens. The staff of Aaron it budded, and the dry wood yielded fruit. Its mystery is cleared up today, for virgin womb a Child hath borne."++

"With the weapon of the deceiver, the First-born clad Himself, that with the weapon that killed, He might restore to life again. With the tree wherewith He slew us, He delivered us. With the wine which maddened us, with it were we made chaste. With the rib that was drawn out of Adam (i.e. Eve), the wicked one drew out the heart of Adam. There arose from the Rib (i.e. Mary) a hidden power, which cut off Satan as Dagon: for in that Ark (Mary again), a Book was written that cried and proclaimed concerning the Conqueror."**

* Ib. p. 328, Morris, p. 86, n.f.

+ "That is," explains Fr. Morris, "with the mysteries, typified in the pearl, women are clothed with light at Baptism, and have the robe of righteousness, which was lost through Eve, have Him who is Light, and are restored to Paradise." -- The Pearl, Rhythm iii. Morris, p. 92. "Upon Genesis (p. 27 c.) S. Ephrem notices how Adam, when in paradise, had a brightness like to Moses, to overcome the creatures; and at p. 31 f. that Eve after sin was not immediately stripped of this glory, that Adam's faith might be tried also, and that he might not be frightened at seeing her countenance fallen." P. 51, note y.

++ In. Nat. Dom. Serm. i. 296, Morris, p. 2.

** Ib. Serm. iii. Morris, p. 20.

(Digital Editor's Note: I'd think "the Rib" refers to Eve and all women; that through Mary, Eve and her female descendants would manifest a hidden God-given power.)



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