"His tabernacle round about Him." -- v. 12.

"Christ in Mary as though the Bridegroom in the bridechamber, and the body of Mary as though the tabernacle."*

"He hath set His tabernacle in the sun: and He as a bridegroom coming out of His bedchamber." -- xviii. 6.

"In the sun, in the womb of the holy Virgin Mary. Mary is interpreted the Star of the sea. The light of the sun shines more brightly than that of the stars. The Sun of Justice is the Lord; as saith the prophet: The Sun of Justice shall arise upon you (Mal. iv.): that is, Christ. This sun illumined the star, namely, Mary, that she might be as a sun. Thus He set His tabernacle in the sun, when He assumed a body from her womb. The Bridegroom is the Word of the Father; the Spouse, human nature, wherewith He came forth from the bridechamber, that is, from the womb of the Virgin."+

"But I am a worm and no man." -- xxi. 7.

"Why did the Lord of all creation will to be compared to a little worm? In the first place we may put this down to humility, which is the greatest virtue of the saints. Hence holy Moses confesses that he is before God as an animal without reason, and David more than once calls himself a flea.++ Here, however, I think it should be taken rather in the sense that the worm is not produced by generation, but from pure earth alone; and for this reason the Lord is compared thereto; since the Saviour was Himself engendered from the pure Mary alone. I have read, moreover, in the Books of Moses, that worms were bred from the manna.** A most worthy and meet comparison is the little worm engendered from manna, and Christ the Lord generated from the Virgin. Or I should rather say that Mary is herself the manna, because she is delicate, shining, sweet, and virgin; and coming as though from heaven, she has flowed down to all the peoples of the Churches in food sweeter than honey, which whoso neglects to eat and feed on cannot have life in himself, as the Lord declares: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His blood, you shall not have life in you."||

"Christ is called both a worm and a man. A worm, according to what the Prophet says: Fear not, thou worm of Jacob.*** And a man, because born of Mary. His birth is like that of a worm; because a worm that is born in wood has no father, but a mother only; and Christ was born of Mary without any earthly father."+++

"From the womb of My Mother Thou art My God." -- v. 10.

"The Son of God Himself says this, speaking to the Father. Since, then, from His Mother's womb the Father is His God, the Father is the greater. The Son says again: O Lord I am Thy Servant, and the Son of Thy handmaid,|||

* Ib.

+ Ib.

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||| Ps. cxv. 6.



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